Customer Service

Shipping & Handling Information:

We are happy to ship to all 50 States. We can ship your orders to business and residential addresses; however, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes, APO-FPO Boxes or foreign addresses. Friends in Hawaii or Alaska- please add $35.00 to the listed shipping price and allow one additional day for delivery. Please make sure your shipping method and address are correct, once shipped we will not be able to modify or cancel the order.


No returns are accepted.

Payment Options:

Gold Ribbon Gourmet currently accepts checks, money orders as well as Visa, MasterCard and Discover for all purchases.

About Our Baked Goods:

There are no preservatives added to our products.
Our products contain delicious nuts or nut oil, including: walnuts,
macadamia nuts and almonds. All of our cookies and baklava are baked fresh for your order. Your order is most enjoyable when eaten fresh.
Gold Ribbon Gourmet’s goal is to produce the most delicious and beautiful home-baked goods. This is accomplished by using only fine ingredients and innovative production methods.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. How long will Gold Ribbon Gourmet products keep their fresh taste?
Gold Ribbon Gourmet products will stay fresh tasting at room temperature for up to 2-3 weeks, as long as they are kept away from heat and humidity. Specifically, the temperature should not exceed 70 degrees (F) and the relative humidity should remain below 60%.

2. How should I store the products if I want to keep it fresh tasting for more
than two weeks?

To store products for up to two months, place package in two plastic bags, close tightly and refrigerate. To store products for up to six months place package in two plastic bags, close tightly and freeze.

3. What is the proper way to "thaw out" the products once it is taken out of storage?
Keep products in plastic bags until the entire package has attained room temperature.
Minimum thawing times for one package is: Refrigerator - 2 hours, Freezer - 6 hours.

4. What makes Gold Ribbon Gourmet special?
High quality ingredients; and no artificial flavors. Fashionable packaging created by a team of
Gold Ribbon Gourmet.

5. Do you sell sugar-free products?
At this time there are no sugar substitutes available to produce "Gold Ribbon Gourmet-quality" sugar free confections.

6 . Where are Gold Ribbon Gourmet products baked?

Gold Ribbon Gourmet is based in Canton, Ohio.